Pine forest of Ban Ang

4 Oct

Located in Dong Sang town, Ban Ang is one of the wonderful eco-tourism resorts of Moc Chau that is deeply impressed by the poetic and charming beauty of pine forest.

When being seen from above, Ban Ang appears with the traditional stilt houses nestled in the pristine natural landscapes of the Northwest mountain forests. Coming to an ideal eco-tourism resort of Ban Ang, it is strongly believed that tourists will be made strong impression by the tranquil beauty of 2 natural lakes with the flow from east to west being adjacent to the immense forest of pine with the area of 43 hectares.

The pine forest here consists of 2 kinds such as local and Da Lat pine stretching on the hill ranges of red-brown feralit soil that makes this mountainous town into the fantastic natural landscape. Thus, beside Da Lat highland, it is true to consider Ban Ang as the second land of pine forest perhaps.

Reflecting the weather of 4 seasons in only a day is the one of the most special features of this land. Maybe, the climate of Moc Chau Plateau itself creates the illusory and sparkling look for the pine forest and natural lakes of Ban Ang. In the early morning, the quiet natural lakes are covered by thin mist.

At noon, the pine forest is fully immersed in the brilliant sunshine that is as in summer weather. And the evening dew together with cool weather covers fully the mountain forests that makes tourists wonder if the winter would come.

Maybe, the most beautiful scene is in the moonlit night when the shadow of pine is reflected in the lake surface and the leaves of pine sing in the wind, which is echoing somewhere and especially looks like the flute calling partner of the ethnic boys.

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